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  • Customized Adapter

    You have not found a suitable adapter for your BioShake?

    Enjoy a convenient development and design of your adapter according to your sample carrier and specification.

    Ask us about tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

  • Order number 1808-1000
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Special adapter and customized solutions

We develop and design your adapter according to your sample carrier and specification as follows.

Time frame


Day 1 

Please send us 1 sample and specific information about your used sample carrier: manufacturer, description, article number.

Day 2-6

We will develop and design the adapter according to your specification.

Day 7

We will send you a formal confirmation letter with solution description.

Day 7-10

You will check the proposed solution and we carry out any adjustments.

Day 11-30

After receiving the approval of design we will start with the production.


Form to specify your application and requirements

Please use the Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einS15 service form for customized adapters to specify your application and requirements.
An accepted specification needs to contain the following complete information: name of the sample container, name of the manufacturer, article number, and a general description of the area of application.

Please fill in this form on page 2 and send it to us by email, mail or fax.