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Equipment and Accessories

Our useful lab tools facilitate the daily laboratory routines and secure your results.

Customized Adapter

You have not found a suitable adapter for your BioShake?

Enjoy a convenient develop and design of your adapter according to your sample carrier and specification.

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Hybridization and Staining

Q.Instruments introduce new concepts of hybridization technologies, hybridization chambers and equipment, followed by substantial reductions of costs and increased reproducibility.

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  • Incubation


Many applications and immunoassays require the incubation of slides or microplates in a moist environment, away from direct sunlight.

The microBOX incubation chambers were designed to perform this function. They protect your glass slides or microplates totally, as they are watertight, crushproof and have an automatic pressure purge valve.

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  • Water sensitive paper

Water sensitive paper

Water Sensitive Paper (WSP) is a special tool serving as a visible control to visualize droplet distributions, droplet densities and spraying qualities, which discolour blue by contact with aqueous drops.

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