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  • Laboratorio de Automatizacion

Laboratorio de Automatizacion

Spend less time maintaining your robotic platform by using our extremely robust and smooth operating shaker, thermoshaker and positioning units.

Designed for automation, our BioShake premium line defines the standard and offers unique features and years of no-hassle maintenance.

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  • Instrumentos de Laboratorio

Instrumentos de Laboratorio

For each lab bench Q.Instruments offers the perfect solution for mixing and temperature control. Special adapters allow highest temperature accuracy and reproducible results.

The BioShake lab instruments achieve the highest vibration-free mixing speeds and reaction rates worldwide.

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  • Productos Innovadores

Equipment and Accessories

Our useful tools facilitate the daily laboratory routines and secure your results.

Enjoy a convenient development and design of BioShake adapter according to your sample carrier and specification.

Q.Instruments offers incubation chambers and hybridization technologies, followed by substantial reductions of costs and increased reproducibility.

Water Sensitive Paper serving as a control to visualize droplet distributions, densities and spraying qualities.

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