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Gestión de la Calidad

By quality we mean the expert performance, free of faults, of our products and services, with due regard for all the requirements and conditions that you may have as a customer and in a manner which is pleasant to you.

Our aim is to realise this to the greatest extent possible.

For this reason, a comprehensive and uniform quality management system has been established in Q.Instruments, which represents the basis for EN ISO 9001 ff compliant development and production, for numerous accreditations, certifications and licences.

Moreover, it is a matter of great importance that technical and personal development is ongoing, so as to enable our company to achieve its quality targets.

Our personnel develop their competence by concentrating on recognising customer requirements correctly and completely and performing the services required in accordance with the customer's wishes.

Our daily contact with environmental matters has made us sensitive to the need of protecting our resources.

For this reason, our quality management system has in some locations been augmented by the addition of an environmental management system.

The compliance with the EG-Directive 2002/95/EC - RoHS ("Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances") - is our top priority.


Quality Control

The quality management process of Q.Instruments guarantees a constant quality of manufactured products. In order to realize this policy we have introduced a quality management system, that controls and evaluates all products and processes in the company and takes care of all necessary corrections and adjustments.

The verification of these facts is assured through the operation of a control and inspection system:

  • ID-Tracking of all parts and assemblies through bar code labels
  • Batch tracking of all parts and assemblies
  • Serial number tracking of all products
  • Inspection of incoming goods
  • Inspection during production/assembly process
  • Calibrations and adjustments (automated and semi-automated)
  • Life time tests
  • Development of test and verification tools for temperature and mixing parameters
  • QC analysis and documentation (QC database, final test reports, certificates, etc.)
  • QC Audits through Key Account Customers
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Safety tests and CE approvals