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Mixing Efficiency in a 96 well microplate

Experimental studies of the mixing behavior depend on preselected mixing speeds.

Laboratory apparatus:

BioShake iQ

Sample plate:

Standard microplate with 96 wells (NUNC®, Art.no.: 2696)

Volume per well:

210 μl (approximately 80% volume)

Measuring device:

High speed video camera


Fast and efficient mixing in 96-well microplates is depending on:

  • viscosity of the solution,
  • filling volume per well, and
  • preselected shaking frequency.

For aqueous solutions with 210 µl filling volume/well the ideal shaking frequency should amount 1,200 rpm.
Below 1,000 rpm, only inadequate mixing results can be reached in a short time. 
From 1,400 rpm start of the danger zone of possible spilling effects of the samples.

We present video-clips of mixing processes in 96 well microplates: